Monday, May 9, 2011

Boudoir Photography Inspiration | Do's and Don'ts for your photo session

So.... Are you going to have a Boudoir Photography Session? You know, the greatest gift that continues to give back LOL! If so, here are some Do's and Don'ts for your boudoir session:

DO: Plan your wardrobe changes ahead of time. If you want more of a classic look. Get yourself pretty white, or black lingerie. If you are going for a soft look with a touch of sophistication go for a neutral palette like blushes, pale pinks and grays. And if you are a hot tamale! Go for those solid brights. Like reds, pinks, emerald green, or sapphire blues. Blacks can go with any of your looks. And don't forget the accessories!
DON'T: Go for multi-patterned or striped! It just doesn't photograph well or will make you look bigger than you are and look a bit clown like. A small dot print is good but anything to busy will take away from your loveliness.

DO: Have your hair and makeup done either professionally or practice like hell. Remember that the flash usually bleaches out most of it so this is not the place to skimp out. Wear lashes if you can. Nothings more sexy than a sexy wink. ;) Think about your hair, go for that I just got out of bed and look this fab look :) Soft and tossed waves will make you look just soft and victoria secret beautiful.
DON'T: Wait till the day of to figure your make up and hair. You'll drive yourself crazy and get nervous. You want to be relaxed. Don't wear makeup you usually don't wear, like red lips. Otherwise your pictures won't look like you! Don't overspray your hair, you want soft movement.

DO: Have fun and bring friends who will also have a session with you. It makes it more fun! Have your photographer play music in the background, it helps you get into your groove. And if you need it have a little glass of champagne or vino, it helps!
DON'T: Don't get nervous it's fun and you will have the photos you wanted. The more relaxed you are the better.

DO: Follow the direction of the photographer. They know what they are doing even if some poses feel awkward. It is all for a good cause Lol! The angle the photographer will shoot is not always seen by the model.
DON'T: Hold back, if you also have some poses or looks you want you should always say, after all they are your pictures!

AND DO have fun and laugh! It's an awesome experience and a present that your fiance will sure love ;)

Photography by: Krashing Motions Photography



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