Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Trend Day | Fashion Illustration Wedding Portraits

LOVE this idea! After 13 years of working in couture bridal and sketching for clients and bridal publications, Deborah Griffin,  has decided to make this modern keepsake available to every bride. Illustrative Moments takes a fashionable memory and turns it into a timeless piece of art and the new go-to gift even more so the ULTIMATE first anniversary gift of paper.

The illustration is rendered in a high fashion style that will take on characteristics such as hair color/style and jewelry but is not meant to be an exact portrait. The chosen pose is decided by the dress and all highlighted details creating a flattering composition.
Each piece is done with much attention to detail and is created in colored pencil, colored marker, ink, and metallic pens and placed in a silk white mat with backer board ready to frame inside a clear sleeve.

So pretty!!!


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