Monday, October 27, 2008

Couture wedding invitation box

I love these Lela New York custom box wedding invitations!
The wedding invitations are layered with our silk invitation holder and red suede ribbon.
Designed in chocolate and red accents with Swarovski crystal accents it creates a warm and inviting introduction to a big day!
They are shipped in our deluxe paper boxes and mailed out with our custom designed mailing labels.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Silver Box invitations for a Winter Wonderland wedding!

I wanted to share Lela New York's boxed invitations that were created for Arlene and Thomas' Winter Wonderland Wedding.
They opted for our Deluxe Paper box invitations with silver and grey details.
Lela New York accessorized the boxed wedding invitations with silver paper layers, velvet flowers, and a suede belly band. Lela New York also added a Swarovski crystal for a little sparkle accent.

Thank You Arlene and Thomas for letting us share your beautiful wedding invitations!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pretty Silk box invitations with Butterflies!

I love when Lela New York gets to design silk box invitations for our clients wedding invitations. Donna chose to use butterflies as beautiful motifs for her wedding! Not only are they beautiful but they are rich in symbolism as well. They represent change and coming into a new stage in life, perfect for a wedding. They are also used to represent a loved one who has passed and the symbol is used to represent their presence and love. One of my favorite wedding invitations using this butterfly motif is Donna and Kerry's couture wedding invitations. Donna wanted luxury, modern, and more importantly custom invitations that reflect her, her culture and her father, who was represented with butterflies.
They also were celebrating there big day on a national big day, Independence day! Lela New York used deep reds and gold to represent her culture and graphics that represent fireworks and celebration along with a 3d Butterfly accessory that was placed inside a Silk box invitation.

Here are some pictures of these elegant, luxury couture wedding invitations that Lela New York created for Donna.
These are definitely one of my favorite silk box wedding invitations!

- Thanks Donna for letting me share your beautiful story!
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