Thursday, July 16, 2009

Destination Wedding, Mexico Inspiration Board

Hi everyone!

Lela New York recently created luxury wedding invitations for a beautiful destination wedding in Mexico. These wedding invitations needed to be fun, romantic and show both the culture through not only visuals but it needed to be bilingual as well. Her colors are turquoise blue and Hot Pink accents. Lela New York used the Seahorse motif to represent the couple.
I'll show the finished result next posting.



Monday, July 13, 2009

Lela New York's luxury wedding invitations featured in S'Wonderful & S'Marvelous Blog

Hi everyone!
Wanted to pass along this amazing blog called S'wonderful & S'Marvelous.
They recently had a vintage post and Lela New York's wedding invitations were featured.
Here is their post:

Vintage Inspirations for the Modern Bride

Friday, July 10, 2009

And the S'Winners are ... {Top 5 Vintage Inspirations}

Photo Courtesy: Pelaez Photography
{Best Bridal Adornment Inspiration}

WOW - I didn't expect such a great response to our call for some VINTAGE INSPIRATION ... I am so excited to report that submissions came from ALL over - Seattle, Vancouver, NY, and even some wedding professionals from the UK! It was definitely hard to pick versatile images and inspirations and thought it would be best to categorize the submissions & credit our FAVES as well as their own blurbs about their submissions ... So, ENJOY!:


Photo Credit: Gemma Reynolds

Submitted by: Gemma Reynolds, Photographer {London}

"I am a wedding photographer and have recently been in the May/June Conde Nast Brides Magazine's wedding directory as their Central London Wedding Photographer. (and they've asked me back for the jan/feb 2010 issue too!) This image speaks "vintage weddings" to me. The organ as the backdrop, the pretty cake stand with a wonderful mixture of cakes and real flowers cup cake style, and of course, the stunning brides in carefully selected Vintage wears from Luella's Boudoir. I hope you like my photograph too!"

Well Gemma, we LOVED your yummy photo shoot soooooo much that we also wanted to post another cutie submitted by your friend - UK planner Tiffany Grant-Riley:

Photo Credit: Gemma Reynolds

Submitted by: Tiffany Grant-Riley, Planner
Tweet: @VintagePlanner

I had to submit an image from our photo shoot, shot last week for my new promotional material. It's so fresh I only got some of the images back yesterday so this is an exclusive for you! I run a vintage wedding planning company in the UK, specializing in vintage wedding design from the 1920s to 1960s and I styled our latest shoot with a 1950s afternoon tea and fairground theme. The idea is meant to appeal to the fun loving bride who loves her classic, lady like vintage fashion but still loves good old fashioned fun!

Photo Credit: The Paris Apartment

Submitted by: Tracey Kumer-Moore, Planner {Las Vegas}
Tweet: @lvwedconcierge

My Vintage Inspiration is "The Paris Apartment",! and her blog as well, I adore this site and I visit it often. I just adore going through the Boutique and all the vintage inspired products; gorgeous accessories (which could provide stunning stylish touches at a wedding and enjoyed many years after or great bridesmaids gifts), art deco and "rococo" furniture, chandeliers, mirrors, lucite furniture (swoon), textiles, stationery.

Thanks Tracey! We LOVE The Paris Apartment, too! Such great vintage inspiration not only for weddings, but for home decor as well! Tracey also added these S'WONDERFUL ideas for the use of some of these items: "The Chanel Photo Frame - great for escort card or gift table decor. Art-Deco Vanity Tray is great inspiration for tray passing cocktails." Here are a couple more photos from The Paris Apartment:


Photo Credit: Lela New York

Submitted By: Maria Cerff, Creator & Designer {New York}
Tweet: @LelaNewYork

"I'm the owner and designer of Lela New York ... Here is some vintage inspiration from my latest invitation designs".

Maria - thank you for the submission! I've seen so many AWESOME, innovative stationers and designs through the years, but being that this blog is mostly dedicated to featuring TIMELESS classics, I thought your invitations are elegantly designed and have a that little tinge of vintage & modern we LOVE @ S'Wonderful & S'Marvelous . Thanks again for sharing!


Photo Credits: Pelaez Photography

Submitted by: Gracci Pelaez, Photographer {Vancouver, BC}
Tweet: @graccipelaez

"When our bride, Fareedah, booked us, she mentioned that she wanted to have an Old Hollywood Glamour look for her wedding. She wanted the hair, the makeup and the dress to reflect that. Most importantly, she wanted her veil to have that vintage vibe but with a modern punch. One time, I saw her post a shout out on her Facebook page that she's looking for recommendations for a veil. I took it upon myself to help her out for her veil search and sent her a few ideas. The one that stood out is a recommendation made to me by Angela Desveaux, the editor-in-chief of WedLuxe Magazine - a Vancouver-based designer, Heather Mandin of Parts by Heather ( Fareedah went ahead and ordered a custom-made veil from Heather for herself AND custom-made hairpieces for her bridesmaids. You can find the hairpieces on her website via the links below:
These hairpieces made her vintage look really unique. Attached are a few images from the wedding. Below is the direct link to the blog entry on our blog for more photos! We hope you like them as much as we did!

WOW & YUM is all I can say to that Gracci! I snuck a peak on your blog and added a couple more of my faves {ABOVE & below}. AWESOME work - and ya gotta LOVE a bride who is Craftsy! :p


Photo Coutesy: @TweetMyWedding

Submitted By: Mindy Howard, Twitter Extraordinaire {US}
Tweet: @TweetMyWedding

"A very quickly put together collage. From upper left; a menu from the cruises my Grandmother Howard used to take. A Christmas Card by Richard Howard he and his partner used to put together each year for clients. An amazing gown from TheFrock.Com. My GreatAunt Sylvia's wedding photograph. A funny double exposure I love, my Grandmother Howard and myself. A cute little frame with my Grandmother Cartier, my mother, uncle and aunt. To the right a picture of Emma Cartier and friend, young in Minnesota. Grandmother Nan Howard when she met Gregory Peck. Two more Christmas cards (They'd take the Oscar award winning movie and paste themselves in..hilarious)! Lastly a few of my little vintage trinkets."

Thank you so much for sharing your personal photos and inspiration collage Mindy! Vintage family photos of Grandma & Grandpa's wedding & old greeting cards are and will ALWAYS BE a mainstay in inspiring vintage-loving brides! LOVE it!

Many S'MARVELOUS thanks to all who submitted!

Thanks Candice!
You can visit her blog at:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pink Inspiration by New York wedding invitation designer Lela New York

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!

I wanted to share this amazing real NYC Wedding.
Lela New York made a Pink wedding inspiration board to illustrate the weddings details.
The wedding took place at St. Patrick's Cathedral and the wedding reception was held in New York's UN. Enjoy!

Invitations by Lela New York
Photos by Barnaby Draper
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