Sunday, January 20, 2008

Printing 101

There are many printing techniques to choose from when designing your invitations and stationary suites.
Here are some basic invitation printing techniques to know:

Letterpress: An art that started in and around the 14th century. Many are now returning to this classic art for their invitations and stationary and has become very popular.
Printing plates are made of imagery and type and pressed onto paper leaving a concave impression of super clarity.

Engraving: An art that started in the 15th century. A design and type is etched onto a printing plate and ink is later drawn over the plate. The plate is then pressed onto paper leaving a raised ink image of high quality.

Foil Stamping: It is a special technique that uses metallic foils pressed onto paper leaving a raised impression. It's affect is vivid and dramatic. The most popular foils are metallics such as gold and silver.

Embossing: Is a specialty technique that creates a raised 3D version of an image. It does not use any inks and is created when an etched plate is pressed onto paper. Creates beautiful detailed work and really stands out on dark papers.

Offset Printing: Also known as "flat printing". A printing plate is made of an image and transfered to paper.

Digital or Laser printing: There are no plates used for this printing technique. High end laser and wide format printers take digital files and transfer them onto paper.

Lela New York specializes in all of these, hope this helps you in your decision making!

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