Thursday, May 8, 2008

How to create your own Wedding Theme

I'm always asked in Lela New York's consultations how a bride can create her own couture invitations using a theme or her own design. And how can I help. Well, here you go.

At Lela New York we start your consultation with a simple conversation on your likes and dislikes, your wedding venue, and other details such as your wedding dress and colors.
After we talk I get a better feeling of what a bride would like me to create for her. Sometimes a bride knows exactly what she wants and other times creating a bride's design can get a bit more challenging.
But, an idea more than a theme is what sets the design in motion. For example, I had a bride who loves the color pink , thats great, but she couldn't decide on a design or idea to start it. So after talking to her for a while I found out that the best part of her dream wedding was her dress. I then designed her invitations based off the detailed embroidery found on her custom couture dress. I also added Swarovsky crystals to it just as the dress. The final product was a classic shape invite in pink and silver with graphics and embellishments that matched her dress.
So, in conclusion, it takes listening and a good designer to be able to create your perfect theme or rather a great idea and transform it to a bride's perfect invitation.


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