Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interview with a Wedding Pro - Poppies & Posies

I had the pleasure of recently meeting up with the Sierra and Juliet from Poppies & Posies at an industry event and wanted to share their wonderful design aesthetic with you guys. They have a beautiful vintage/organic feeling to their designs and I was lucky enough to get a quick interview from them. This is how it went:

What makes Poppies & Posies unique?
We're a small boutique company, so we really pride ourselves on personal attention. We never book more than one wedding or event per day/weekend to ensure that we are both a part of the entire process from creating the design to set up.

What services do you provide?
We provide floral and event design for weddings, benefits/galas, corporate events/stores, and private clients. We like to think of ourselves as designers of environments. Although most of our work is floral design, we also design full tablescapes and events so that there is a cohesiveness.

What can you advice brides and couples to be aware of or avoid when looking for a florist?
There is a big difference in quality of flowers depending on where you go. You may pay a bit more to have high quality flowers, but it will really show in the bouquets and arrangements.

Which flowers do you like working with?
We are always trying to think outside of the box when we're creating design concepts for our clients. We love using big impact flowers such as peonies and dahlias paired with more delicate florals like sweet pea and lily of the valley. There is always an unexpected element in our floral designs such as acorns, berries, fiddle heads, thistle, or citrus. We like to have fun with it!

Do you have a favorite wedding?
We both walk away from almost every wedding we do feeling like that is what we'd want for our own weddings, but our favorite would probably be from this past December. We donated bouquets for a wedding where the bride and groom couldn't afford to get married. Seeing how happy the flowers made everyone and how grateful they were was really rewarding. They also gave us complete creative freedom, so that was super fun!

What are the latest trends in floral design?
Right now there is a big trend to do florals that have an organic, garden-esque look to them. Which is great for us because that is what we love doing the most!

Any cool projects you girls are working on?
We're working on a floral and event design concept for a jewish/indian wedding this fall. The couple wants to pay homage to each of their cultural backgrounds, but in a subtle way that will also express their individual styles. We're stringing marigolds to create a chuppah-esque structure and we're using decadent copper tiles as a foundation for each centerpiece. The bridal bouquet is going to be the feature floral element for the wedding. We're pairing green succulents with deep aubergine hued dahlias and crespida... amazing!

Poppies & Posies floral and event design is available for consultations in the New York metro area.
To see more of Sierra & Juliet's fabulous work visit their website at or follow their up to date blog at


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Lisa R. Nelson, CWS said...

That first bouquet is absolutely eye popping! OMG. Lisa's drooling. are those anemonies?


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