Saturday, February 20, 2010

This one is for the Bridesmaids :)

Yes, we LOVE our Brides, but this one is for your wonderful ladies that will help you when you are having a mini breakdown :) Please be good to them when picking their bridesmaids

Here are some of my FAVES:

Michelle Williams of Quail reently launched Quail Bridal, focusing exclusively on bridesmaids. She says "Bring anything that has the exact color you are looking for, whether it be an umbrella, a t-shirt, a sock, anything! And we will find a match." (via East Side Bride)

Also, NEW is BCBG's Wedding collection which has pretty bridesmaid dresses as well as accessories. See the pretty picts below!



Laura@ Marquee Bride said...

Great post! It's true, the bridesmaids quite often get lost in the mix. Making sure they look good too is important.

Promotional Printing said...

This post made me want to volunteer bridesmaid to people who will be marrying soon. Haha. The blue dress is so cute. I hope I could wear something like that.

Ananda said...

Love them! wishing someone picks me as a bridesmaid now...

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