Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ok, now the NYC beach wedding planning begins...


I already started my wedding planning but wanted to share what I've been up to. (I won't be giving out my final choices till the end since it might ruin the surprise for my friends and family) Well, maybe not the very end :)
First off in planning, location, location, location!
Since me and my "fiancé" :) met on a beach, got engaged on a beach, I think getting married or at least holding the reception at a beach would be ideal! Plus I'm looking for a September date, we met in September. (didn't realize how romantic I am, and sometimes a bit corny LOL!)

On my search for the perfect New York beach reception or venue I found these:

Photography by: Persona Grata Photography

I loved Gurney's Montauk, NY location! It has beautiful sandy beach views and you can have a true beach ceremony and even a bon fire at night. It's more of a relaxed beach wedding and seems like it would be a fun time for all my guests!

The next place I found was Land's End.
I didn't get to actually visit the site but it did have a beach and also a casual laid back feel. They were located in Sayville, Long Island.

I loved the Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club's venue and location! The style was more me and the beach was amazing! Only problem is that they only rent the space out and you have to add and rent everything else. Including all plates and silverware, linens and probably chairs. That might be a good thing, you do have a blank canvas to work with and can create something unique just for you. But, for me I don't know, I don't have that much time. My wedding is being planned for September that's only 6 months away. Plus, I believe they still have people from the club walking around during your wedding, not sure if I like that. But definitely a contender.

Didn't get to visit all of these, but from their website, the place looks amazing, and the wedding coordinator I spoke to is so helpful and sweet. Love this one too!

Another option was The Crescent Beach Club.
Once again Bill, the wedding coordinator and owner, was so nice and helpful.
What I liked about this is that you get a true "water sunset". Meaning during cocktail hour, the sun will set on the ocean. Love that!

Then, my search took me to The Atlantica in the Hamptons, but I found out they were closed.
However, the chef from the Atlantica moved to a brand new hotel located directly on Longbeach, NY called,
I went to go see this location, and it really is impressive in person. LOVED, the mix of beach and modern elements they incorporated in their design. And even though I fell in love with the idea of having a semi-destination wedding, it was amazing that it was just built last September, the month we met, and in Long Beach, where we met! So needless to say this was one of the top contenders :)

Let me know what you guys think? This one is the hardest decision.
More New York wedding planning coming soon!



Tammy Golson said...

I love Montauk and will be posting the story and photos from my most recent Montauk wedding very soon! Enjoy the planning!

Ananda said...

All these places look so beautiful! Tough choice, but whatever you choose will be niiiiiice!

the bklyn gem. said...

allegria looks amazing! number one in my books for sure. i wish you the best with all of your planning!

Anonymous said...

Which one did you choose?

Lela New York said...

I chose Allegria Hotel in Long Beach! We met there so it was like it was meant to be ;)

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