Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This bride is now looking to walk down the aisle in style with these custom Aisle runners


Now that I have been looking for decorating accessories for my wedding day, I had to begin with the first step. The first step down the aisle that is ;)
Logo by Lela New York Invitations

Have you seen these amazing aisle runners by The Original Runner Company.
From custom blinged out runners to hand painted monograms The Original Runner Company has you covered! I LOVE these!

Aisle runner by The Original Aisle Runner
Aisle runner by The Original Aisle Runner
Aisle runner by The Original Aisle Runner

I also have been loving this new company, Petal Happy, based out of brooklyn. They came up with the cool idea of  having petal aisle runners. These custom aisle runners are a nice way of walking down the aisle on petals without leaving the stains of real petals that some religious establishments don't allow.
Aisle runner by Petal Happy
Aisle runner by Petal Happy
Aisle runner by Petal Happy


Petal Happy said...

Thanks for including our products along with Original Runner's gorgeous artwork. How will you ever decide which "path" to take? :)

Merci New York said...

I am *loving* the idea of the Petal Happy runners! I wish I knew about them when I got married! Thanks so much for sharing this fab idea {and great blog re-design, btw}! xoxo

Lela New York said...

Hi Petal Happy! You are very welcome :)

Lela New York said...

Thanks Jackie! Miss ya, hope to see you soon! xxoo

Angela Cappetta said...

This is an idea I can total get down with. Thanks!

Aprilette said...

I just came across your blog and I think the aisle runners you posted are quite fabulous.I especially like the one with the petals on it, so romantic. I would definitely tell my friends about it!!!!

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