Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Super Cute Real NYC Engagement shoot - "Pedro is moving in" by Ananda Lima Photography

When I saw this real New York wedding engagement shoot I thought, "How Cute?!!!" and what a great twist to the classic engagement shoot. The great photography is from New York photographer Ananda Lima. Below is Ky and Pedro's story.
A few weeks ago, Ananda went to Colorado to visit her brother, Pedro, and got to meet his then girlfriend, Kylene.

Ky and Pedro were about to move in together, so at some point Ananda casually said: "hey, why don't we do a moving in photoshoot, for kicks?". Unbeknownst to Ky, it was all part of a plan. Pedro was already planning to propose to her on her birthday (Dec. 2nd)... so the pictures (which she just got) were meant to be their engagement pictures!


I am happy to share that Pedro has just proposed to Kylene and she said "yes"!!!

Congratulations, Ky and Pedro!!!


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