Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Wedding Dress Trend | Luxurious Textures by Smart Bride

Many 2011 wedding trend predictions are coming out these days. Our favorites are the ones that have to do with wedding dresses of course! In 2011 luxurious texture will be all the range when it comes to wedding dresses, with 4 texture trends:

1. 3D appliqués
2. Oversized flowers
3. Light layers of chiffon, tulle and lace
4. Illusion fabrics

For many wedding dresses, extra texture often means extra money, but smart brides know there are ways to get the wedding look you want without blowing your budget.

We've put together some beautiful examples of the texture trend. The best part? All of these dresses are on trend and 30% to 60% off the retail price!

Dresses featured are found at Smart Bride Boutique:
Save 54%! Size 10 San Patrick Flama. Regular Price: $1296, SmartBride Price: $599
Save 59%! Size 10 Adele Wechsler Fern. Regular Price: $3050, SmartBride Price: $1200
Save 50%! Size 8 Watters Torreon 4041. Regular Price: $4200, SmartBride Price: $2100

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