Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Shoe Day | Dana Davis Wedding Shoes | Comfy and fab?!

The Dana Davis brand was inspired by the designer's quest to find exquisite, fashion forward shoes that would reflect the most sophisticated designer tastes and still support the health of the wearer. The Dana Davis brand is based on the belief that cutting-edge style and comfort are not mutually exclusive; the chic, design-driven silhouettes are handcrafted in Italy with a focus on luxury, high-fashion elegance and meticulous construction.
Brides and their bridal party would both love Dana’s shoes on the big day! One of the worst things to happen to a bride on her wedding day is not being able to enjoy the festivities because her feet are in pain. Below are a few styles I believe would be great for a bride and her bridal party on her big day!

What do you guys think? Comfy and fab, is this an issue for you? Or do you just want fab at no matter what the cost?


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