Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Trends | Hand Bracelets | Chic Wedding Accessory

Every bride loves to add a little sparkle to their wedding day fashion. So, today we are sharing with you a new accessory trend that many A-listers like Nicole Scherzinger and Giuliana Rancic have been seen wearing. French fine jewelry line, Prive Jewellery, is bringing us a contemporary, chic, and unique new collection of hand bracelets. Instead of wearing your bracelets around your wrist, these are worn around your palm. This gorgeous new trend is perfect for any wedding or just to add a little extra bling to your winter fashion. You have to check it out! They come in a variety of designs with yellow, white or black gold covered in white, brown or black diamonds or rubies! How pretty?! What do you think?


Wedding Themes said...

Wearing Hand Bracelets are new trend in women..

Barn Weddings said...

Fabulous! Those hand bracelet are so perfect. I wonder if bride could actually wear them too. They look just so amazing. :D

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