Monday, June 25, 2012

Santorini, Greece | A Greece Destination Wedding

This gorgeous wedding has me dreaming of getting away to a far off place with crystal blue seas!

Newly engaged and visiting friends recently married at Lake Como, Evgeny and Masha’s eyes met again, this time over a Santorini coffee table book. Just as when they met, something clicked. As soon as they could, they traveled to Santorini to scout for wedding locations. Greek musicians serenading her with wedding songs met Masha, who wore her amazing, tailor-made Vera Wang gown, at the church. Inside the simply decorated chapel, women covered their heads with beautiful scarves in the Russian Orthodox tradition. They flew in their family priest from Russia to perform the ceremony in Russian in addition to Greek. After being showered with rice to symbolize fertility and prosperity, the newlyweds arrived at their reception overlooking the Caldera in a convertible Beetle. There, the mother of the bride greeted them holding a Russian brioche she had brought all the way from Russia! Following tradition, the newlyweds each salted and ate a piece of brioche. Then, they drank champagne and smashed the glasses, which in Russia symbolizes the couple’s luck in their future life together. To celebrate their lightheartedness, the reception was awash with glowing lanterns and square glass vases filled with mini olive tree branches.
After a night spent celebrating, Masha and Evgeny spent the day cruising in the Caldera, where they swam in the volcano’s hot springs and enjoyed a saxophone sunset.

How dreamy!


Photographer:  Anna Roussos
Event Planner:  StellaAndMoscha
Reception Venue:  Thermes Villas
Pre Ceremony Location:  Chromata Hotel


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