Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Friday | Congrats and Best Wishes to all the Brides & Grooms | And a few last tips

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Hello Lovelies!

Happy Friday, and for the lovelies getting ready for their big day a special early congrats.
Here are some last tips from me that I hope I can share with you for the last time.

1. BREATHE yes, I know duh, but really. Things may go wrong and it most likely will but trust that you did everything you could and now is not the time to freak out or obsess over it. Plus most likely no one will even notice but you. So just breathe and move on to enjoying your day.

2. BE IN THE MOMENT it flies by and if you are not in the moment you will miss it! Try to enjoy every last minute don't let anything or anybody ruin that. This day is going to be one of the fastest day you have ever experienced and with all the planning and preparation you want to make sure you soak it all up. After all it is all about you this time!

3. SMILE ok, another obvious one, but you have to realize that this is one of the only days that you will be constantly photographed by not just the pro you hired but by all your guests too. And you do not want any ugly picts of you looking not so well, cute. So do as the Kardashians do and smile girl and play up the paparazzi :)



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