Monday, February 11, 2013

Kim & Jordan's Central Park Engagement Photoshoot | A New York Wedding Engagement Photoshoot

Hello Lovelies,

Today's lovely NYC central park engagement photos comes to us from the talented Zen Photography!
Here is the lovely couple's story: One of Kim's best friends from college went to high school with Jordan. When Jordan got out of the Marines, he came home to live with his parents and go to school. One night a bunch of us went out, and Jordan noticed Kim but thought his friend was interested in her so he didn't talk to her. About a week later we were both at a party and Kim approached him, but didn't remember his name (whoops!!haha). The next day we went on our first date and saw each other almost every day after that, but Jordan thought that Kim may have been using him for free meals because he
couldn't read her. 2 weeks later Jordan got a job offer and moved back to Maryland and 3 months later when Kim finished grad school she moved down to be with him - we're sure people thought we were crazy.
Where & how did the Groom propose?
He said we were going out to lunch near Baltimore and kept trying to rush me to get ready faster. I thought it was weird that he was rushing me but continued to take my time. We pulled into the airport and I was really confused and kept asking why we were there. He asked if I had anything in my purse that I couldn't fly with and said that we were going on an "adventure." Luckily, we made it just in time for our plane to board. The entire flight I kept thinking, if he isn't proposing tonight he will NEVER be able to top this. We flew to NYC where we had a romantic dinner and he proposed while walking through Central Park. We took the train back to MD so I would have 3 hours to call my family and friends. He said he wanted me to have a great story to tell!

Love that!


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They are so happy, best wishs for them

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