Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ben + Pooja's Brooklyn Wedding Engagement Shoot

Hello Lovelies!

Pooja and Ben met while Ben was visiting a mutual friend. It was one of those "the crowd parted" moments- but without the cheesy 90's Romance Comedy where the guy has to win the girls heart at the end.

More from Studio Finch who shot this lovely engagement shoot: We went all over in the Brooklyn area, starting off in DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge Park, just before heading to Brooklyn Bridge, where Ben Proposed to Pooja. Pooja even included a DIY LOVE banner for the photos. :) From there, we headed off to their favorite ice cream shop- Farmacy Soda Fountain, and finished the day at Brooklyn Pub- BP = Ben and Pooja. :)

How Ben met Pooja:
When a close friend moves to a new and strange place, you need to pay a visit right away to help them get situated. So I headed up to Bristol, Connecticut to visit my good friend Tim. Along the way I met Pooja. Those eyes caught my attention right away. We merely exchanged a few words, but I knew we would meet again. That night, a fuse was lit that led all the way back to Brooklyn. Before I knew it, we were the best of friends. She laughs at my terrible jokes, she loves when I play drums as loud as I can, she deals with my love for punk rock, she loves Taco Bell, she is an amazing friend, confidant and support system- I think I am the luckiest man alive.

Photographer:  Studio Finch


Lisa said...

LOVE this! And Pharmacy Soda Fountain!

Cabot Prestige said...

Lots of love to the sweet bride & groom .... beautiful snaps ... thanks for sharing

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