Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Black & White & Silver Wedding Inspiration + Lela's Shopping Guide featuring Luxury Wedding Invitations by Lela New York

Hello Lovelies!

Today we are featuring more pretty wedding inspiration! Shop Lela's Style and find fabulous black and white inspiration with silver accents! Lots of ideas for beautiful wedding makeup and nails, bridesmaid dresses, wedding jewelry, wedding accessories and even luxury wedding invitations by Lela New York! The accents of silver make all these wedding ideas look even more amazing. What do you think? Will you be featuring this glam look in your wedding?

1. Eye Shadow
2. Bridesmaid Dress
3. Invitations by Lela New York
4. Wedding Cakes
5. Wedding Nails
6. Bridal Dress
7. Chanel Jewelry
8. Bouquet
9. Studded clutch, geometric clutch by Lena Erziak
10. Table Decoration via Pinterest
11. Wedding Favor via Pinterest


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