Thursday, July 29, 2010

Great Idea for a Wedding Guest Book - An Engravable Picture Frame

When I was looking for a wedding guest book I wanted to go for something different and unique.
So this bride was thrilled when I found this unique wedding guest book idea!
Many of us brides take engagement pictures and would LOVE to display them in a beautiful way. This guest book shows off your beautiful pictures and serves as a guest book! They are engraved photo mats and pictures frames from I do Engravables. The idea is to have your guest sign your photo mat with an engraving scribe and you get to keep it as a real keepsake picture frame. I thought it was such a creative idea and something that I will actually display in our home.

What do you guys think? Any cool guest book ideas you want to share? Just comment below.


Keegan said...

One guest book idea I wanted to share was a video guest book called Thrilled for You (The company I work for makes it). It is an app for iMac and Macbook that turns your computer into a video kiosk. There is no pressure from a camera man, you can record as many takes as you want, and with 24 themes and backgrounds, it can be tuned to your taste. It is nice to hear and see people's well wishes and congratulations, rather than reading it (It's also kinda fun to see who has had too much to drink). When everything is done the messages can be viewed as many times as you want and can be included in a wedding video or even upload the best ones on youtube. For more info or to see a demo of it in action go to

Lela New York said...

LOVE that idea too Keegan! Can you send me some samples of finished guest books? WOuld be great to post about this too.

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