Monday, August 23, 2010

The cutest Bridesmaid Gifts ever! - I LOVE Joanna Rutter Jewelry on Etsy

Ok, when I saw these I just died! They are the cutest most fashionable, itty, bitty jewelry I have ever seen! I think it would be the cutest bridesmaid's gift, ever! It would be a perfect thank you for being part of your wedding day. And what girl doesn't like jewelry?

I HEART this cute love bird ring!

And then you can buy the matching earrings! How cute are they?!

And this bow shaped necklace is to die for.

All of Joanna's work begins with sketches and then are rendered into metal by hand.
You can see more of Joanna Rutter's beautiful work on her Etsy shop.


1 comment:

notasaladeatingchick said...

Oh, I love this jewelry. What a great find!

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