Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anatomy of The Modern Invite by New York Luxury Wedding Invitation designer Lela New York

With wedding invitations containing enclosures, reception cards, outer envelopes, inner envelopes, accommodation cards, and so much more, what should a bride choose for her modern invitation sets? Well here is Lela New York Invitation and Stationery Studio to the rescue with your guide to help you choose what is right for you. All Luxury Invitations shown are designed by Lela New York.

The Invite: This is the formal invitation to your big day! It should include the host the bride and groom, location, date, time and dress attire.
Belly Band: This is the paper detail that wraps around your invitation and other enclosures and holds everything neatly in place.

The Outer Envelope & Inner Envelope: This envelope holds your invitation and other enclosures. It has the bride's or host's return address printed on the flap. You now, may also have a more modern mailer box as well. Now a days, most brides do not use an inner envelope. Instead they choose a more modern approach and choose a decorative envelope, fabric book, box or other fabric envelope to hold their invitations.
The Reception Card: Use this card when your ceremony location is different than your reception. This card invites your guests to your reception.

Response Card or RSVP: This is the card your guests will send back with their reply. RSVP is a french abbreviation for Répondez si'l vous plaît. Which means, Please Reply.

The Response Card Envelope: This envelope has the bride or host's printed address in the front. It is where your guest's place the RSVP to mail back to you with their reply.

Other enclosures: Direction Cards, Accommodation Cards, Maps, and Itinerary Cards. These cards depend on your wedding situation. Are you having a destination wedding? If yes, it is highly recommended to use an accommodation card where you list your local hotels where your guests can stay.

Calligraphy: This is your guest's addresses. They are printed on the front of the outer envelope or in some cases your outer mailer box.

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