Monday, November 29, 2010

Ovando floral boutique - A New location in New York's Upper East Side & special interview with Lela

Ovando, Manhattan’s premiere floral boutique known for its distinctive arrangements and window displays, has opened a second retail location on the Upper East Side at 19 East 65th Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues. The space is triple the size of its West Village shop, 1000 sq. feet to be exact.

Ovando's clients range from retail, wedding, corporate and real estate to the hotel and food service industries; they provide high-end weekly and monthly installations and custom design environments for corporate and social events as well as make deliveries to individuals ordered for special occasions.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sandra de Ovando, the creative force behind Ovando, and here is how it went:

1. What inspires you to create your beautiful designs?
Natural forms of color and structure, almost anything in it’s pure and natural state of being.

2. What services do you provide?
Ovando is a full service floral business providing in-store purchases, daily deliveries, weekly installations and maintenance for residences, corporations, fashion houses, and boutique hotels. Ovando also specializes in events, parties, and weddings- overseeing every detail from flowers, lighting, and linens to table settings.

3. What makes Ovando unique?
Being simple not simplistic.
Our belief that colors, shapes, and texture of flowers and plants are truly where beauty lies. So our designs and compositions are meant to accentuate these basic but one of kind properties. This design philosophy makes Ovando unique and sets us apart from the rest.

4. Could you please explain your process?
Ovando’s design principles are rooted in modern Mexican architecture. Artistic values are always considered when arranging the freshest and boldest flowers, unusual plants, striking cacti and carefully chosen accessories.  Keeping in touch with these principles assures the integrity and consistency of our work.

5. What can you advice brides and couples to be aware of or avoid when choosing their floral
Choose a florist that you trust because that allows your floral designer do what they do best when it comes to creating a custom look for you.
Pay attention to seasonal flowers as they are the largest and the most beautiful in their time of year.
Be aware of how to plan your budget wisely. Allocate dollars to where your guests spend the most time such as the centerpiece during dinner.

6. Could you share with us your favorite floral design that you created?
The window box

7. What are the latest trends in floral design?
Using traditional flowers such as carnations, lilies and roses presented in a more interesting yet sophisticated and modern design.

Thank you Sandra for the wonderful interview!


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