Friday, June 10, 2011

Amsale Girls | The new WE tv reality Wedding Show throws a party! | Plus a chance to WIN an AMSALE Wedding Dress

So as you may or may not know, I'm a reality show junkie! Especially the wedding shows! So I was thrilled when I was invited to the premier of WE tv's new AMSALE Girls.

Everyone knows the amount of anxiety that comes with being a bride.  Still, that’s nil compared to the daily stress level and pressure felt by Manhattan’s elite bridal consultants, who strive to help future brides find the perfect wedding gown − and make the all-important sale.  WE tv’s newest reality series, AMSALE GIRLS, goes behind-the-scenes of New York City’s renowned Amsale boutique, a luxury bridal salon that caters to a fabulous and high-maintenance clientele.  With gowns donning price tags of $4,000 to $75,000, Amsale’s sales consultants are the best in the business.  For these ladies, it’s more than just finding a bride her dream dress.  Being a bridal consultant at Amsale means navigating family disagreements, stroking egos and bending over backwards to move the merchandise.  Inside the shop, these ladies are often pitted against each other as they work to make their monthly sales numbers.  Yet outside, they’re girlfriends, helping each other in their personal lives.

I met the girls, and they are SO lovely! Each one with their own personality, I see a hit coming! We got to view a sneak peak, and I must say it was funny and I can see my self addicted ;) A must add to your fave reality wedding show rundown for sure.
The Amsale Girls

Courtney Kern from Events Beyond and Lela

Lela with the Asale Girls

Amsale and Lela

Now for the fun "TWEET TO WIN" AMSALE Dress Sweepstakes! YAY!!!!
Visit for exclusive extras including a video tour of Amsale's bridal salon, sneak-peeks, extended & deleted scenes, and video bios from the girls.  Additional content includes photos, blogs, a full list of Amsale's celebrity clients, chats and more.  Be sure to enter the "Amsale Designer Dress Giveaway" Sweepstakes on June 12th: follow @WEtv on Twitter and visit Then tune-in on premiere night to find out what phrase to retweet for the chance to win an Amsale gown. Visit for complete rules.


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Wedding photographer Denver said...

Wow, some beautiful dresses there. I wonder if the strapless trend will swing to the Grace Kelly look after the recent Royal wedding?

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