Friday, November 18, 2011

J&J Secrets of Style & Beauty Radio Show | Interview With NYC Wedding Stylist & Beauty Expert

Great news ladies...NYC Stylist Julie Rath, founder of Rath & Co., and Julia Dalton-Brush, owner of Brush Beauty, INC. are teaming up together to bring us an amazing new radio show, J&J's Secrets of Style and Beauty. It's full of insider beauty and styling tips to help you look your very best and prepare you for your wedding day too. Make sure to check out the interview below, and be sure to tune in this upcoming Tuesday! You won't want to miss it! Read the interview with J&J & Lela below to get the scoop.

L: So Julie, tell us a little bit about your new radio show
J: It's called J&J Secrets of Style and Beauty, and it airs Tuesday nights at 8PM on The podcast is also available for download after it airs.

L: What will you be focusing on during your show?
J: My cohost is Julia Dalton-Brush who’s a Makeup Artist and Beauty Editor. She and I will be talking all things style, beauty and grooming. We'll give tips and tricks for both men and women on how to look phenomenal. We'll also take live calls and tweets (@jnjstylebeauty) throughout the show.

L: What can our readers expect to hear about and who can our readers expect to hear from? Will there be any special guests within the wedding industry? 
J: We've lined up interviews with lively and trusted experts in fields ranging from men’s and women’s fashion and hair styling, makeup, style and beauty blogging, to modeling, event planning, charity organizations, and beyond. We're super excited to have the Director of Events for David Tutera on an upcoming show, and of course the fabulous Lela will be on January 3rd as well!

L: When will the first show go live?
J: November 22nd at 8PM Eastern Standard Time.

L: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
J: We're really looking to help answer peoples' questions and dilemmas during the show, so we would absolutely love for The Lela New York Wedding Blog’s readers to follow us at @jnjstylebeauty and tweet us live during the show.

Also super excited to say that Lela will be on the show too, stay tuned for the date and time!

Photo via Joanna Wilson Photography


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