Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Once Upon A Time | A Fairy Tale Wedding Inspiration | A Closer Look At Lela New York's Box Luxury Invitations

Hi all! Today we wanted to share with you a closer look into the fairy-tale inspired luxury invitation designed by Lela New York!

When I was first asked to create the luxury invitations for a dinner party that would be inviting the top of the wedding industry, I knew it had to be unique in a big way. The theme we were going with was "Enchanted Forest" and the colors chosen were rich purples and fun golds and greens!
I wanted guests to be wowed when they opened up their luxurious boxed invites and want to come to this festive celebration. I sketched out some ideas first that included initial thoughts and colors. The finish product as you can see is pretty close. I decided to use a boxed invitation that the guests can later use as a keep sake and included a real mirror on the top lid that was screen printed with the words, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, the time has come to celebrate fall." It was a great line and would immediately lead the reader to want to read further and hinted at our fairy tale theme. The actual invitation card was printed on a gold paper and die-cut into an apple shape that spoke of the Snow White character and was later repeated in the decor at the dinner party. The end result was a luxury invitation that was screen printed in deep eggplant forest patterns and boxed in a lovely box that made an amazing intro to this great event!

Photos by Trent Bailey Photography

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