Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Trend Day! | Giftopia, a new way to register for gifts

Giftopia is a free online gift registry and social networking site that aims to remove potential disappointment and anxiety from gift giving and receiving.
Unlike traditional wedding registry sites, Giftopia users hold the power to invite and approve contacts who are able to see their profile. In addition to the web, Giftopia can be accessed via apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones, enabling people to add items to their registry from inside any retail store simply by taking a picture or scanning the UPC code with their smartphone. And it's a free service!

Giftopia enables users to create personalized profiles, identifying wanted items on their gift list – complete with photos, prices and store locations, if desired – as well as favourite stores, clothing sizes and other important details needed to ensure everybody on both sides of the gift exchange is happy. And with tens of thousands of items available in the Giftopia Shop, items can be added to your registry in one click and purchased by your wedding guests quickly and securely.

This makes Giftopia not only great for weddings, but for any special occasion that involves gift giving. In addition to Valentine's Day, Graduation or Christmas, a Giftopia profile also includes notifications for other important gift-giving dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries, to help contacts plan their shopping trips for upcoming events.

Cool huh?!


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