Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Trend Day | The Social Craze broken down

With social media ever changing and expanding I thought today I will break some down that will actually help you get to know your favorite wedding experts and even help you organize your wedding ideas in one place!

First off, The website, obviously don't have to over this one. We all know that is the first place we look at when getting to know our wedding vendors and what they have to offer but there's more! Next, there is their blog, yes I know duh, your on mine now ;) but many of your photographers and other vendors may not have a big blog dedicated to all things NYC weddings like us ;) but you can see many of their new wedding photography on their blog. It is usually updated more often than their websites and you can get a feeling of their latest work.
Of course you can also visit wedding experts on their Facebook page too. Many wedding experts choose to update this page most of all and even have sneak peaks into other great deals. Wedding blogs such as us ;) usually give our Facebook fans advance notice on specials and giveaways so they are always in the know. You can also share with your friends on Facebook images and posts from directly on their page. And n ow their is a new feature where you can message us directly on FB.

Now, this is new, instagram! Most of you, if you've been reading the latest blogs, know about this already. It is my favorite so far :) I just love it. It's an iPhone and now android based app that is based on images that people share with just a small comment below on each image. It's SO fun! I share more of my life on instagram including my little pup, Matisse! I love him. Plus, I like to share my latest invitations, and front views on the bridal runway shows. And there are cute vintage filters you can use on your photos. You might have seen it already on your Facebook since you can share the images there as well. They are square images and have a vintage look. You can really get to know a persons personality through what images they share.

Ok now this is exciting! Pinterest! Many have already followed me and pinned our blog and website on Pinterest. You basically can signup for it and download a small code that shows up on your browsers tool bar. It is labeled "Pin It" and that is what you do while you browse the web. You can go on your favorite blogs, wedding sites and vendors websites and pin any inspiration you want to save. Pin away! And it will neatly save that info on your pinterest. You can save them in separate "boards" too. No more saving images in random folders on your desktop and not knowing where they came from. Everything is organized and so simple. Everything you pinned can be clicked on and you know exactly where it was from. AMAZING! There is also a cool site called that is pinterest for weddings.

So you maybe saying, "ok now I have signed up for all these social platforms how is anybody suppose to know about it?" Well, they have a new site for that ;) It's called It's like a digital calling/social card. It has a pretty clean look and you can upload any image you want. It lists all your social media that you belong to and includes a little bio of yourself. And right now they are even offering free business cards or calling cards if you are using them socially with your info and very own site link. Cool huh?

So in conclusion don't run from all the social craze, use it! It may help your sanity at the end.
Well, maybe not ;) But it sure is fun!


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