Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Friday | Go have a cupcake :) | plus Bridal Market 2012 Begins

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Friday, today starts what we in the bridal industry call, Bridal Market! It's bridal fashion shows galore! And we get to have a close look at all the new wedding dresses that will be coming out for the new season before they hit the stores. So excited to share with you all the new trends and latest wedding dresses!!! And this year we are having more behind the scenes images and interviews to share. Including a behind the scenes with Gina Karlsson, the Editor of the new Platinum Weddings Magazine coming out soon for New York! More on that later this week. And of course if you cannot wait for our blog to post the latest trends follow me on instagram (user:LelaNewYork) and twitter for your own front row seats to bridal market and the latest runway shows.

So with all the mayhem of bridal market and running around from show to show sometimes it's nice to take the time out and eat a cupcake. Ha! I got this one from Pinterest. Click the link for the recipe.


Have a great weekend!




Anonymous said...

very beautiful, I haven't been to DC in a while. I used to study at the mall in front of the Lincoln memorial when I was in school in Baltimore. Autumn is a lovely season to capture the colors.

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Anonymous said...

The photo was well taken..Its looking very nice and different compared to others…

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