Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Real Wedding of Lynette & Omar | Destination Wedding in Mexico | Plus I hope the world doesn't end

Hello Lovelies!

Well today do I have a beauty for you! This real wedding in Mexico was submitted by Alea Lovely Fine Art Photographer and I am just in love with the light and airiness of the pictures. I thought it oh so  appropriate with the world coming to an end and all because of the Mayan predictions ;) Plus the bride in this wedding also had it in mind when she picked her gorgeous locale.

Here is more from the bride herself: It was really important for me to choose a place that definitely had abundant natural beauty and spiritual energy, and then Tulum popped up in my online searches. It was the perfect location because we were getting married in 2012 (for those of you who know about Mayan Prophecy and the upcoming “shift in consciousness”). The name of the house we rented was Casa Chic. Loved the place because it was rustic and natural but modern and glam all at the same time.I found a reputable wedding planner in the area, Leanne Marie Weddings, who had a lovely local assistant, Maju, and a network of vendors and contacts in the Riviera Maya. We couldn’t have done without these ladies, the vendors and services they all brought together was outstanding! My dress was flowy and light -a stark contrast to my stunning, albeit heavily beaded and just plain HEAVY dress from the family wedding. I had a lot of fun picking out statement accessories for a simple canvas. I felt lucky that I got to meet many great women at bridal stores with lots of style because they connected me with a lot of designers and ideas for inspiration. It felt special to top off my look with my mom’s diamond and pearl earrings. I just felt like a goddess that day, which is exactly how I wanted to feel on my wedding day! When Omar saw me for the first time in my gown and finished look he said, “This is exactly how I pictured you to look on our wedding day”. We were surrounded by 20 of our dearest friends, who have come into our lives over the last 10 years of our “dating” relationship, many of whom were special to us before we even met. It felt incredible to have everyone there, having a blast, dancing, eating amazing food, enjoying the stunning ocean, the sound of the waves, great music, celebrating our love, and enjoying the present moment. And Alea Lovely was there to capture it all!



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