Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Trend Day | Say goodbye to disposable cameras, PLEASE! & say hello to WedPics


Hello Lovelies!

Do you remember the old days when parties and weddings had disposable cameras on the tables? Please don't say you just saw that last weekend LOL! Say goodbye to those ugly cameras and say hello to the digital age and new app called WedPics.

WedPics provides a rich media platform for capturing, sharing and interacting with all the photos taken throughout the wedding.  Available as a smartphone app, iPad or Android app or online at, WedPics allows everyone to upload, view, share, and download pictures.  No more need for disposable cameras at the table, guests can use the app at the wedding itself or afterwards via Smartphone or the website.  Any photo, from any camera can be added and any photos you upload can also be sent to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.  In one click, the bride (or anyone with admin rights) can download all the pictures or send them to Facebook creating an instant photo book.

Cool right?!


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