Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Wedding Shoe Day - today we are featuring fashionable wedding ballet flats - I know!

I know we love our heels! Especially our Wedding Shoes! But after a long night of wedding dances and cutting loose you are going to wish you had these wedding ballet slippers near by so that the party won't stop when your feet do ;)

These are are from the  Dessy group and come in many different colors. You can have your bridesmaids have a matching pair as well. And with all Dessy Group fashions everything matches! Shoes, dresses, accessories, so there are no worries trying to get matching swatches here. And look how cute!


1 comment:

http://www.jildorshoes.com said...

Those are adorable! I need to just buckle down and make Alec some shoes because none of his socks will stay on and he doesn't have any shoes that fit.

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