Thursday, March 24, 2011

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor A Movie Star Icon | Looking back at her Luxurious Style & Weddings & Loves

We all will miss Elizabeth Taylor , a true movie star and the last of the celebrities from the golden age of Hollywood. Elizabeth Taylor was not only famous for her luxurious style, love for diamonds, stunning violet eyes and movie star roles but also for her personal life and her very public marriages. You gotta love her passion for love and marriage!
Don't you just love those eyes and that necklace!

Today I wanted to look back at this fashion and style icon and her fabulous weddings and style.
Conrad Hilton Jr.: 6 May 1950, Divorced 1 February 1951

Michael Wilding: Married 21 February 1952, Divorced 30 January 1957
Michael Todd: Married 2 February 1957, His death 22 March 1958
Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Eddie Fisher: Married 12 May 1959, Divorced 6 March 1964

Richard Burton: Married 15 March 1964, Divorced 26 June 1974
Married 10 October 1975, Divorced 1 August 1976
John Warner: Married 4 December 1976, Divorced 7 November 1982
Larry Fortensky: Married 6 October 1991, Divorced 31 October 1996
photo courtesy of People Magazine

RIP Elizabeth Taylor
You will be missed!



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