Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to be a Stress-Free Bride | Plus Your Free Printable Wedding Day Timeline

Wedding day jitters can easily start well before the actual day.  We have put together five easy steps to help calm your nerves and help you prepare for the day you say "I do"! Being prepared days before your big day will help you stay relaxed and allow you to enjoy each moment of your wedding.

And lastly have a timeline. Keeping to a timeline will help you keep in schedule but also helps with your nerves. Below find a sample of your wedding Timeline. Download your free printable version here. Feel free to change the times to suite your wedding day. And lastly, have FUN!

Silk Robe via Julianna Rae
Aromatherapy Candles via 100 Candles
Eye Masks via Victoria's Secret
Beauty Care via Pangea Organics
Photos via:
 Wedding Blog
Catherine Leonard
Christopher Duggan
Brian Crain



Heather said...

Hi! I love this, but can't get the link to work to download it. Please help! :) Thanks!

Lela New York said...

Hi! If you click on the image it will show up on its own Then right click to download it. Hope that helps!


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