Monday, September 19, 2011

My 1 Year Wedding Anniversary! I'm finally sharing some wedding photos | My Real New York Wedding Part 1

I just finished celebrating my 1 year anniversary this weekend with my hubby, and I have to say, time just  flew by! I've been waiting to share all my pictures with you for so long, not sure why it took me so long. I must have looked at them thousands of times by now. I guess I was trying to hold on to being a bride for a little longer since this will be the last time I probably will get to talk about my wedding with you lovelies!

So here's my story of my big day! I had to break it down into 2 posts. Today I'll be sharing what went on during my ceremony and the day I said I do!

The day was a perfectly warm September and I woke up very relaxed and was determined to stay that way. I planned what to have ready the night before, like making sure to have fresh flowers around and had all my accessories in one place with my dress. I slipped on my white robe and slippers and had a glass of champagne as I listened to calming music of the likes of Nate King Cole and Michael Bublé. Yes, there were uum, minor glitches after that. But I quickly realized not to sweat the small stuff that this was me and my fiancé's day and that I got to marry my best friend today. And that thought kept me on track. Getting dressed and drinking champagne at the same time helped too. :) Here are some shots of the morning of my wedding day.

Lela Tip: have your photographer come early to capture those special moments of you getting ready and some portraits of you too. Have the makeup & hair artists come a half hour before the photographer so that you have some images of them just finishing up and not completely bare!

When my father and I drove down to the church I barely remember what he said, but he was so calm that it helped me with some nerves I had. I remember walking down the aisle with him and smiling so much my face hurt, LOL! I saw my future hubby for the first time and I nearly started crying, I was SO happy! I remember trying to compose myself. When I got to him I remember the look in his eyes and him whispering to me, "You look Beautiful". Saying I do, went by super fast. I looked into his eyes as I said my vows and I felt this warm sensation all over. After we said, "I do" and we started to walk down the aisle I remember feeling like we were just floating down that aisle, it was magical! Then our family and friends tossed petals as we walked toward our limo. As soon as we climbed inside the car we felt a relief, "we did it!" and a little of "it's over". It was so much planning and a bit of stress goes with that too. We were so happy to finally get to celebrate what took months to plan.
Here are some pictures of our wedding ceremony.

Photography: Catherine Leonard
Wedding Dress: Vera Wang
Jewelry: Adorn
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Wedding Stationery Programs: Lela New York
Aisle Runner: Original Runner Company
Flowers: Poppies and Posies

Stay tuned for tomorrow's picts!



Absolutelyblooming said...


You are beautiful and so is he. There's something about being in love and that glow you actually can see and the sparkle in your eyes. I can see it in both of you. Thank you for sharing!

Anastasia Marie said...

Happy anniversary!!!!! You looked scrumptious.

Koru Kate said...

Happy First Anniversary! Lovely photos . . . you are a beautiful Bride!!

Lela New York said...

Thank You guys for your lovely comments! Made my day :)

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