Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Trends | Selling Your Wedding Dress

Nowadays many brides are deciding to sell their wedding dress after the big "I do". There are many factors to consider when debating on whether you should or should not sell your wedding dress..what do you think? If you decide to you keep your dress after your wedding, you have a beautiful, sentimental memento of your wedding day.  It represents the style of your wedding and can be a constant reminder of that special day...but keep in mind all the expense that goes to upkeep and preservation of your dress.  You will also have to store it in a safe and dry place, and do you think your daughter will really want to wear your dress on her special day? Did you?! Selling your wedding dress is an alternative and even though it may be tough to part with your "dream dress", you aren't loosing the specialness of your wedding day. While most likely you will not get back exactly what you payed for your dress, it will definitely help to offset the original cost! If selling your wedding dress is an option for you, there are many sites that can list your dress such as Once Wed, Bravo Bride, and Preowned.  A wedding dress is way to beautiful to sit in a box for years and years stored away, when you can share your happiness with another bride!

Lela Tip: If you plan on selling your wedding dress, start right away by posting a description of your dress and the date it will be available after your wedding!
Photo source via Once Wed


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