Monday, July 9, 2012

Martha Clara Vineyard Wedding by Maggie Harkov Photography | New York Vineyard Wedding

I'm in love with this wedding and this lovely couple's story! Here's there story as told by the amazing photographer, Maggie Harkov.

It’s not every day one has to worry about a major hurricane threatening the Northeast (thank goodness for that(!)), so when news came that Hurricane Irene would be threatening our coast, we all to tried not to focus on it too much and go ahead with business as usual. As the warnings increased, however, and mandatory evacuations started, we all began to worry…

Now I want you to imagine said hurricane is supposed to hit the New York area on your wedding day. Not a few days before or a few days after – not a little rain or snow, but a major storm that everyone claimed could really threaten the safety of everyone. Your guests have already flown in from all over the United States and abroad, your dress is steamed, the cake has been made, the food and flowers are getting prepped, your vendors are all charged and geared up and every last detail is done and ready to go. You’ve been planning this day for the past year or perhaps most of your life and you have to make the call that not only affects your lives, but the lives of all these other people because no matter how much you planned, Mother Nature had other ideas. Katie and Joe had to make that decision the night before their wedding day and at somewhere between 12-1 AM on their big day, I got the call from a tear-filled Katie that they were going to postpone their special day. Can you imagine? Well, Katie and Joe? Yeah, they are kind of amazing. They canceled their wedding and they cried. And then, somehow, they managed to find the sunshine through the rain and laugh. They realized that no matter how hard it may have been, there are certain things we simply have no control over and that no matter what, at the end of the day, they would spend the rest of their lives together finding a way to laugh over the ups, downs and unexpected that life can bring. And that’s exactly what they did.

So, a month and a half, and some intensive replanning later, Katie and Joe said I do before their family and friends at the beautiful Martha Clara Vineyards. The sun shone brightly and perfectly – almost as if it were a gesture of apology from Mother Nature herself for all she had put them through. But it had been worth it the wait. The joy, love, and depth I witnessed between Katie, Joe and their families was something I’ll never forget and I’ll always find inspiration in Katie and Joe’s ability to find laughter and see the sun through the rain. I know they’ll always find it shine brightly in each other.


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