Monday, July 2, 2012

New York City Wedding Engagement Photo Shoot | Love at Columbia University

I LOVE this engagement photoshoot! The couple's style and love shines through!
More from the fabulous photographer, Danielle Coons: "I'm so excited to share these image from Christina and Hakan's NYC engagement session! They flew all the way from Dubai to have their photos taken in the city they fell in love in! Christina is a stunningly beautiful Pennsylvania-native who moved to NYC to chase her dreams of being a photo editor. She was working for Shape Magazine when she met the handsome Turkish-born Hakan, who was getting his PhD at Columbia University in Civil Engineering! The two shared their first date in Central Park, so it was only fitting that we revisited the scene on a beautiful Spring day. Their playful nature, spirit and wit made it easy to capture such lovely images! After our casual stroll in the park, Christina threw on her Louboutin's and we caught a cab uptown to Columbia University. Hakan requested that we capture the beautiful architecture of the buildings and his future wife, so he could show his family in Turkey where it all began for him and Christina. Every morning Hakan and Christina would share a coffee and a bagel (sometimes a croissant) on the steps of Columbia before they headed to work. I asked Christina what they talked about every morning and she said "Hakan usually talked about how much he'd miss me and I usually talked about what we were going to eat for dinner!" Currently the two live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where Christina is the photo editor for Cosmopolitan Middle East and Hakan is a business consultant. They plan on getting married in Istanbul in 2013!"


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