Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Trend Day | Grasswalkers | Walking on grass has never been so easy!

Hello Lovelies!

We have an amazing trend for you that will get you ready for all those fun outdoor weddings you will be attending this summer! Grasswalkers! This amazing product was created by Sheryl White to help take away the stress of ruining your favorite heels from walking in the grass during outdoor events.

The transparent strips stick right on the bottom of your shoe, no matter the size or style, without causing any damage to your shoe and creating a very sturdy but almost invisible surface to walk on. Grasswalkers are unlike any other heel protector on the market because they were designed to create a flat surface to walk on, covering the entire bottom of your shoe, rather than just the heel.

What's even better, Grasswalkers has made a commitment to donate 25% of all net profits to Arts Education Programs throughout San Diego public schools.

Will you be buying a pair of Grasswalkers for your next outdoor event?!


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