Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Trend Day | Bridesmaid Dresses

Hello Lovelies!

I know one of the most difficult decisions a bride has to make is choosing those perfect dresses to go with your perfect gals ;)
Today I wanted to share the latest trends in styling your bridesmaids. There are many choices now and you can choose what best fits your style and taste.

1. You can choose to go the traditional, fail safe way and choose just lovely matching dresses in every way. Meaning the same color, style and length. Always works.

2. You can go for a slightly more modern approach and have the bridesmaids have the same color, same length dress but have their tops be a different style. Meaning let your girls pick what suits them on top. Strapless, short sleeves or a one shoulder will all go so well together and lets your girls feel comfortable too. They will love you even more for that.

3. Now if you want your ladies to go and pick there own dress all together or you are just feeling extra avant-garde that day but still want them to look like your bridesmaids, have them in different styles but the same color. This looks so beautiful!

photo by Trent Bailey Photography
4. And lastly for the true stylish break the mold kinda bride go for something different. Meaning, different style, and colors. Now don't go picking every color that pops in your head unless you want them to blend in with your other guests. I suggest keeping it to one tone or shades of colors. For example all shades of pretty greens or pinks or keep in a color story but mixed prints. Your guests will be quite impressed by your fashion sense for sure ;)

All images via Pinterest


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