Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Trend Day | Your guest's are coming give them the virtual key to the city

Hello Lovelies!

They're coming to New York. Your wedding guests.
And they're all asking you the same thing: “What should we do while we're there?”

Help has arrived. Today, Manhattan User's Guide launches a Key-to-the-city service for your special event visitors. We'll provide tailored recommendations about shopping, restaurants, and the arts, customized for your group, so they'll get the most out of their time in New York. Key is a mini-website, created just for your guests, that they can access in the weeks before they arrive to make plans, buy tickets, get reservations. Every entry includes address, phone, website, and a map link. And it's available to them while they're in town, optimized for smart phones and tablets, so the information is always at hand.


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