Friday, April 29, 2011

Yay! The Royal Wedding Of Prince William & Kate Middleton | The Trends that I see coming a mile away!

SO, where you as overwhelmed with the Royal wedding as I was? Did you wake up early to watch it? I did, I know, I'm a nerd. I loved how the sermon began by saying, "Every wedding is a royal wedding.." LOVE that. See ladies, that means you, every bride and groom are just as special when it comes to taking their sacred vows.

I also loved how nervous Prince William and Kate were! The nervous smiles were so cute! Kate looked so sweet and I could tell as they said their "I do's" that they were just like every other couple standing in front of what seems like a ton of people and trying to gather their composure and not look too nervous as they spoke and said their vows to each other. Kate had such a sweet voice and Prince William's eyes reminded me of Princess Diana as he looked at her in comfort. LOVED it, almost cried, really. Did you guys get emotional too? And when the ring, that was a classic gold band taken from traditional Welch gold, (yea I know) didn't slide smoothly in, I got nervous for them too. Did you see that? But all weddings have hiccups right?

I just was just as excited to see both Prince William and Kate now Dutch and Dutches of Cambridge, come out on the balcony to see how many people have gathered outside just to sneak a peak at the "kiss". The first kiss, was so quick, like less than a second quick! Of course, the nerves and the pressure must have gotten to them. Can you imagine all those people just waiting to see you kiss!? Not sure how I would handle that myself ;) But the second royal kiss was so perfect! What do you think?

At the end I loved it, I'm glad that classic royal elegance is back. Classic shapes and 50's glam is back with a huge inspiration coming from Grace Kelly and her wedding dress. I think they looked just like a fairy tale, and I hope nothing but the best, for them. I'm sure, just like all couples, they are going to go through their rough patches, but hope they will carry through. Will definitely bring some hope. If they made it through all the planning, that should give them hope ;) Just like I'm sure some of you ladies are going through hell, it's fun planning sometimes but, believe me, I KNOW, it's hell other times. Which reminds me, we should definitely, do a post of all your emails and questions for advice that you send me. Questions like, "What should I do if one of my bridesmaids is driving me crazy!?" Or, "help my mother-in-law is crazy!" It will be nice to vent and give each other advice. What do you think? Have any craziness happening? Email me. And I'll do a post soon.

Well, back to the royal wedding. Lets recap the trends I'm seeing.
1. Lace- always so classic and timeless.
2. Sleeves, finally! I know, some of you are like, what? But it actually is so flattering and slimming, a friend, really. What do you think?
3. 50's Glam, so chic! Think Grace Kelly.
4. Jewel tones. Think Ruby reds, Sapphire blues. Mixed with of course, gold!
5. Coverlets or shrugs in transparent fabrics like lace or sheers.
6. Ivories and soft whites in dresses other than the bride?

What do you think of Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa's, dress? I like that it was just her, it was elegant and brought such a light and fresh feel to the wedding. And she went so beautifully with the flower girls.
7. Lots and lots of little flower girls! :) They are so cute with their ivory dresses and sand color sashes!
I love how the scalloped bottoms had a lace detail to match Kate's wedding dress
8. Understated and more romantic bouquets. Let's the bride shine and not be over powered by a huge amount of flowers blocking her pretty dress and silhouette. According to the royal press release, "The bouquet is a shield-shaped wired bouquet of myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William and hyacinth. The bouquet was designed by Shane Connolly and draws on the traditions of flowers of significance for the Royal Family, the Middleton family and on the Language of Flowers."Thoughts?

9. Pastels! I love pastels already but now even more so! Did you check out the Queen herself? In a beautiful sunny yellow, so lovely! And the Mother of the Bride was just perfect in her robins bird blue!

10. And of course, hats and fasteners! There where so many to see! Such a pretty one worn by the fab Victoria Beckham. What do you think about her frocks? I loved it, she looks fab, even when she's preggo. uhumm and did you notice David? I thought so, lol!

And then there were the NO! WHY!? Would you do that?! Really? Thoughts?

Ok back to the trends.
11. Classic cream and white cakes with monograms! I know always a monogram, but, it's the only time that you can sport one without looking silly. The beautiful royal wedding cake for the royal couple was created by Fiona Cairns, and designed using the Joseph Lambert technique.

And last but not least...
12. A hot vintage car ride! Did you see the Aston Martin Prince William drove with! Loved that! What do you think of it? He was able to borrow his dad's vintage!

So over all, LOVED it! What did you guys think of it all? Where you obsessed like me?


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Kirby said...

okay, I totally wouldn't mind if people wore hats and fasinators at my wedding. I hope that trends starts here.

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