Monday, January 23, 2012

The Dessy Group Introduces the Pantone Wedding Chiplette and 2012 Fan Guide

So we all know that I love the Dessy Group and even used their pretty dresses in my wedding. They have great options for bridesmaid dresses, and flower girls and they will all match exactly in color and fabric. Well now the Dessy Group and Pantone (the color system that all of us designers use) are working closely together to create a color reference based on Dessy’s color ways and the Pantone Fashion + Home color system. Stemming from Dessy Group fabrics, each color is measured and matched up to a corresponding Pantone color.

The new Wedding Chiplettes allow the bride-to-be to find the perfect color palette for her dream wedding. Each 4” X 1.75” Pantone Wedding™ Chiplette is a full color card with the Pantone TPX reference number. A QR code is printed on the back of each Chiplette, which can be scanned to return a mobile user to the site. The bride can then share her color choices with the wedding party and distribute them to wedding florists, caterers, bakers and invitation printers.

In addition to the Pantone Wedding™ Chiplette, Dessy has also developed a new Pantone Wedding™ Color Planner for exclusive use with chiplettes. Each planner can accommodate up to six individual chiplettes. The Color Planner has a bride’s checklist and six perforated chiplette holders which are dye cut to contain a chiplette. On the back of each chiplette is a place for the bride to input her contact information serving as a ‘color business card’. Dessy currently offers a complimentary Color Planner with the purchase of every 6 chiplettes.

Awesome right?!


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