Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Trends | Dogs and family pets in Weddings | And introducing Matisse :)

Todays post is for the dogs! LOL! NO really its all about dogs, cats and pets in weddings. They are family too after all. SO many brides and grooms are choosing to include their family pets in their ceremony and weddings and I say why not! I love my little new addition and if I had him then I would have totally included him. But more on my little new pup later, back to the cute picts. The photos do make such amazing memories and of course puppies always are so photogenic ;)  So ladies, what do you think, I know so cute right? Are you going to include your four legged friend in your wedding?

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And now.... the inspiration for this post... MATISSE, our new addition to the Lela New York family.
I love him so! He's a little mutt and is full of spunk and LOVE! Enjoy the picts!



Online Russian Brides said...

This is a cute wedding! I have an Online Russian brides friend who loves animals but was very hesitant to include them into their wedding. Thanks for the great help. loved it.

Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Dogs could add such an adorable touch to a wedding (they'd have to be excellently behaved, though)!

Jaf Gifts said...

Puppies, dogs - it is fun having them in weddings! It's great to see these great buds with their suit on too. Just don't bring huge dogs I think, just the little ones.

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