Monday, January 16, 2012

Rock the Dress Films | Real wedding Video taken after the wedding day by New York Film Works

So you probably have heard of "trash the dress" photo sessions where brides are photographed the day after in their wedding dresses and either jump into water or sometimes rolling in grass just really enjoying themselves as they "trash" their dresses as the photographer captures it all on film. But now... there is also New York Film Works that actually tells a story and beautifully films your day after session. They call it "Rock the Dress NYC Films". And today I am sharing one of their film sessions.

Stylish and gorgeous bride and groom, Ginger and Ilya wed in NYC, this is a day after video session.   Super stylish, vintage and very much like a commercial, this Black and White film is set to the perfect French song and follows the couple as they walk, dance and romantically stride through NYC . They ended the night with them jumping, in full wedding attire, into the fountain of Washington Square Park.
It's really quite stunning and beautifully shot!


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