Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Trend Day | Custom Wedding Map Totes by Maptote

MapTote! A bride's best friend, these crafty totes can be personalized or custom designed as keepsakes for your special guests. Getting married in Manhattan? They have a map tote for that. Brooklyn? Long Island? New Jersey? They have one for that too! You can even have one that is custom! Think mapping where you will get married to where you got engaged to where your bridal shower will be. Super cute!

Maptote products are lovingly hand screen printed by hand in their light filled studio in The Old American Can Factory, Brooklyn. The Maptote range includes environmentally friendly reusable totes, note cards, wine totes, baby onesies and toiletry travel cases – all with their signature schematic maps of popular cities featuring the most popular neighborhoods, icons, and landmarks.

Wanting to capture your ceremony and reception locations, or share the story of where you got engaged and your hometowns? Embrace your inner creative in finding small touches to make your wedding feel just like you, such as filling your customized tote with local goodies to make your guests remember the celebration long after the sparklers have been packed away.

Then choose from an entire alphabet of fun buttons to decorate your totes with pops of color.  Spell out the initials of your wedding party's names, and use sweet heart and plus buttons to splash your message all over totes or clothing.

Fun, right?!


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