Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Trend Day | 6 Minute Stories | New Wedding Video Trend

So, you're thinking of getting video for your wedding, but are scared of having a huge contraption be the center of attention that has an attached light fixture rather than you and your husband be the center of attention. Besides that you are thinking, how long is it going to take? Some videographers are great but they take anywhere from 6 months to a year before you will receive your video. Plus who uses DVD's any more? Well my friends, there is now 6 minute films!

When it comes time for your event there is only one thing that matters: having a good time. You won't even notice them as they capture some of the truly unique moments of your event. Six Minute Stories was created to capture great moments - not to interfere with them.

Once the event is over your Six Minute Story will arrive to you within a matter of days - not weeks. That's right DAYS! Gone are the days of gathering around the DVD player; your Six Minute Story will be delivered to you online and available in three sizes including full High Definition, a medium size perfect for emailing, or Facebook and small size designed for your iPhone, iPod and other mobile devices.
How cool is that!!! And let me tell you from experience once the big day is over, and it goes quick, you will be dying to see it again! As soon as possible. Check out a sample story below. Simply amazing.

Lauren and Jack did it right. After getting married the day before, they had their reception the following evening...on the beach. Shot on NEX-VG10 with an SLR Magic 35mm. Go to for more information about wedding shoots.

Lauren and Jack (2011) from Drew Lavyne on Vimeo.

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