Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mens Wedding Styling with Julie Rath & Louis Purple

Hi Ladies,

So yes I know, it really should be all about the bride, and yes I totally agree with you that you should be pampered and looking your best. After all, it is your day! But today's post is about your man, your love bug, your fiancé ;) He is standing next to you, lol! and we want him looking and feeling his best! Besides we both know that this is his special day too. And with that note, today we will be focusing on two experts that can help you and your loved one look their very best!

Men, well, they sometimes need our help. And Julie Rath, well, she's the best when it comes to helping you help them. I met Julie not to long ago at a wedding function and she brought to my attention the real need for men stylist too. They need help, professional help ;) She's trained in making your man look his best, in whatever style that may be. She can pick what looks best on him without any of our sometimes harsh criticism and helps with choosing a wardrobe that will not only look great on the day of your wedding but for those other days too. Including your engagement parties, showers and engagement photo shoots. It will be a clean and new step into a brighter better looking future ;) for both of you.

Soon after we met I wanted to learn more about Julie's process and today I get to share what I learned with you.
It all starts with what Julie calls, a color analysis. It's where you compare different colors in a natural light to your face and see what colors work best with your complexion. Our model looked his best in a warm palette, and Julie broke it down even further into an autumn palette. I know, sounds a bit funny, but, looking at it while it was happening it was totally true! Cool colors actually brought out some imperfections in his face while the warmer, darker tones, warmed up his complexion and he looked instantly better. Whatever palette he is, Julie provides a sample color deck for him to take home. Once you have your colors you then can begin the shopping process. Otherwise, "You are shopping blind" says Julie.

Next, on to shopping! We went to the amazing Louis Purple located at 323 Lafayette, NYC to meet Charles. Charles is so delightfully helpful in his amazing store filled with wonderful couture finds for the stylish man in very affordable prices. Louis Purple offers custom shirts, vests, suits even shoes for the modern and stylish man. Perfect for the wedding day and for the other special times during your engagement that your fiancé may need to look his best. Julie and Charles continued the revamping and styling by picking out perfect fabrics for custom shirts. Who knew there were so many options to choose from?! You can pick every last detail from the fabrics, buttons to the collar styles to the stitching. You really get a custom tailored look! Charles walks you through the process and explains in detail what each selection will look like with examples from his store. It's really fun.

Once you finish you can usually expect a quick turn around of 3- 4 weeks for your custom order to arrive. Amazing right! And now you don't have to worry about what he will look like next to you ;) and besides he deserves a little pampering too, right ladies? What do you think? Will your man be sporting a custom suit or look for your big day?

A BIG thank you for all the amazing photography to Christopher Duggan. If you haven't checked his photography out, what are you waiting for?


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